Barry And Cassandra Davis

Welcome to the next phase of your life. I found The Ultimate Body Applicator blitz card at my gym one day after having just discussed with my close friend that "we really need to do something different".  We were both in a rut and tired of our J-O-Bs (Just Over Broke); it was really more like we were both WUW (Way Under Water).  I wanted to try the applicator, I figured it was cheap enough that if it didn't work (which I really didn't think it would) , I wouldn't be out a bunch of money, and if it did how cool would that be???

I have 2 small kids at home, I was working part time with no benefits and my husband was driving over 40 miles one way to work just to keep insurance on the family.  He liked his job, but he barely made enough to pay the rent after all the deductions were taken out of his check, let alone paying gas and maintenance on a car to get there. 

None of it made any sense to us, we both spent more than half of our adult lives in the military, I had a college degree, I was an engineer for crying out loud.  We felt like we were both intelligent enough and had the training to be doing way better than we were.  In fact just a few short years before that we were both working for a fortune 100 company making great salaries, we had a brand new home and nice cars (and we were extremely wasteful and in debt up to our eyeballs) and then it all fell apart; in 2007 my husband took a severance package so that we could move to Florida and have a better life for our family, since my transfer was the equivalent of receiving a 30% raise, we figured we could make it on my salary and he would be able to find a decent job when he got to Florida.  We were doing ok, but by no means doing great financially, then in 2009 the bomb went off again.  As part of a reduction in force, 20% of the management workforce was "restructured" out of jobs and I was part of that 20%. 

We couldn't quite figure out how we got where we were, it was like the rug had been ripped right out from under us.  We knew that we were in a teaching moment.  We both knew and believed God had a plan that was bigger than the both of us and that if we just kept praying and working hard that he would reveal it to us.

Well, that "crazy little wrap thing" worked for me and I knew that this was my answer.  These products have done amazing things in my life.  The Enhanced Greens have given me more energy to get through the day then I have had in a long time.  Not only do I feel better and have more energy, within 1 month of starting the Greens, the Ultimate Body Applicator, The Defining Gel and The Ultimate Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors I lost 10 pounds and I have made more money than I have in any other "at home business" that I have tried.  The best part is I don't have to "sell" anything...I share my story or one of my friends' stories and the wraps literally sell themselves and the business.

Thank you God and Thank you It Works! Global for giving me a whole new life!



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